“What do you see happening in the short term?”

Technology can be used to serve mankind, when applied by conscious people knowing what they are doing. Thanks to the internet we have seen the power of information sharing and processing. Websites with wiki’s and graphical visualization of data can support community building in a variety of ways. Mobile apps can mobilize and trigger group efforts instantly. Developers have created many variations of these technological efforts, but they mostly share the same techniques and approach. So why not bundle this knowledge and capabilities? Why not re-use these carved out pathways for projects and organizations that try to do good in the world? Let’s start creating a stack of open source solutions to well known problems and situations. We might end up with an open source platform in the cloud, offering a broad range of off the shelf solutions, like websites, blogs and apps. Making it almost effortless to serve good causes in demand for our services.

“What about the long run?”

Envision a hologram. You float through a transparent cloud of data. You intuitively know what it means. Floating higher means more abstract, more conceptual. This is where bonds between differing and aligning interests are made, where an overview is given on the functional state of the world. A bit lower is where connections between resources and demands are made visual. There it becomes apparent which groups and which organisations drive production, but also consumption. You see direct influences on the scale of things that are, or will come to be.
From here you can see the places you visit, the countries that excite you. The people, nature and ingredients that make up life. The colored lights coming from above highlighting prosperous eco-systems and ways of communion, but a throbbing stroboscope point you towards ego-driven projects that arose from narcistic and selfish individuals.
You are now ready to go down to earth, without your holo-glasses, but with your new insights, inspiration and motivation. To live and work together confidently. Confident that you are contributing to the greater good.

“Yeah, I can see that now. That kind of feedback makes you aware of what is needed right now, to help out in life. But it also gives you an overview of causes and situations you might feel drawn to. Where you may apply your strengths, or learn to deal with your weaknesses. I like that!”