If you feel inspired to join and make this happen, do step in. We envision one event per month in Utrecht (NL), as a heartbeat to keep in touch with, and invite those we want to serve. At different locations we will come together as developers, creatives and representatives of organisations and companies that work toward the greater good. The monthly rhythm is crucial to keep momentum to move forward. I feel a strong need to get our hands dirty regularly for real causes that exist in the here and now, by transporting our physical asses to locations close to home, without the need to take too much of our precious time.

We currently have ideas, plans and already some backing to start 3 events, starting end of year, beginning of 2015. We use a group collaboration approach for the design of each individual event, which draws from ‘Design thinking’ and ‘The Art of Hosting’.

To keep all of our efforts going we will host weekly evening sessions on wednesday at a nurturing location with good food up front. We will use the same group collaboration techniques to ensure safety for ourselves as a group, to promote equal opportunity, and to use our time effectively. These evenings allow for brain work, as well as hand work, and the space will be split up and hosted accordingly.

To make yourself known, you can email us at contact@devsurplus.net and/or invite yourself on the DevSurplus Calendar.