Stick your neck out – don’t break it.

It’s been two weeks without an update from my side, but that doesn’t mean nothing happened. On the contrary. I broke my neck in a mountain biking accident, but DevSurplus wednesdays continued none the less. Being stuck at home with a neck brace brought many things: peace, friends, knowledge, realizations, and a healthy drive to do something good.

So we had a different session two weeks ago. No solutions, just observations. And the most pervasive realization that came is this: we are with too small a group to start something sustainable. So we decided we should first of all organize a special event at my house with just the right invitation to bring in the people that we want to stick afterwards.

So for last wednesday we brought in Chemel, who just organized a big event on ‘persuasion’, to bring his ideas and tools to the table. We started creating an overview of all the deliverables necessary for the event, and started harvesting email lists and organizations we want to target. We finally started digging around, and did some real research. And guess what? We found another running initiative that’s already gotten traction and uses the same principles and ideas: 8 hours overtime for a good cause. It sports to be an “open source, closed wallet, bottom up event”. Awesome!
For a moment I thought we could join them since they already had so many people and sponsors. But then I saw it’s only one event per year. I bet there are many souls wanting to follow up on their efforts, and not just leave it at that one event. A good chance that some, or many of them will want to to join us, right?

I am still crafting that special invitation that has the right words, intentions, energy, seriousness and lightness. That attracts those who understand, and those who rely on their intuition and know it’s coming. Even tho we can’t give all the details up front. One thing is certain tho, or more than one: We will have dinner, we will listen to inspiring stories, and we will have talks and start working. Interweave that with special and esotheric moments like meditating and dancing, and I bet most people will want to stay over for a night or two 😉