The Blob at work

Harvest of 2014-10-08
Harvest of 2014-10-08

Last night was again a productive night.
More people tried to come, and eventually didn’t, but that’s a good sign. We’re buzzing.
Who did show up, was Wessel, our local guerilla entertainment hero wanting to make the world even more beautiful, fun and caring.

Wessel is always very straight forward and started his own investigation as to why he would commit himself to what we’re trying to accomplish. Of course we first had to tell him our vision and personal story to enable him to do so. He quickly understood all about it, and gave us many examples of empowering and inspiring initiatives in the world and around us that we should look at. I tried to show him that to maintain our drive and power, and thus become sustainable as a growing community, I strongly believe that DevSurplus should limit it’s operations to the local community first of all. To protect all this good energy from leaking away too easily. So I kept reminding him of the importance of the “human” principle, which to me stands for working together in real life, on a regular basis, and embedded in the lives that we live.

Of course we were again discussing the disruptive power of money, and how DevSurplus should have a model that withstands the obvious transformation into a business. The pay-it-forward principle should be a key principle in our operation, as it is more likely to inspire, foster and attract altruism than a money ‘tainted’ business trying to facilitate good causes. Again, money is not dirty, and very necessary to pay for costs. We also see individuals getting paid jobs through our matchmaking events, but that’s just wonderful! We strongly propose healthy self support principles, to make room for working together towards a sustainable future, less dependent on material desires.

After refining our visions and principles we decided we should consolidate these into an intuitive body of information to be presented to newcomers (online, offline). So we don’t waste too much time renegotiating and discussing our foundation. We talked about an “evergrowing community blob of values and principles”. Mind the word “evergrowing”, which implies infuse of fresh visions and values of course, but also the weight of us united as one.

After so much talking our energy was almost depleted, but we got a new spark from suggesting to start our first real project next week. To start prototyping as early as possible and to show our operation. We decided to see what we can contribute to minimizing the plastic waste, and the growth of sustainable awareness in Lombok, Utrecht.

Want to help? Make it happen 😉

To be continued…