What is DevSurplus?

We are DevSurplus. We stand for helping, initiating and developing sustainable projects for the greater good by donating our digital skills and spare time.

We come together weekly to discuss and prepare for monthly events where digital developers & creatives, visionaries and organizations meet up, give presentations, and work together on projects  towards a sustainable future. We ask each participant to step in with their skills and service to contribute to a bigger cause.

We have a focus on our local community first of all. This means we try to support local initiatives and organizations, but from a global perspective. Working face to face with conscious and inspiring fellow citizens leads to sustainable behaviour and insights, beautiful friendship, and motivates others to do the same.

We understand that building a sustainable movement is all about clear principles, scope, rhythm, transparency and self empowerment. We thus meet weekly to identify tasks and roles, and give room and tools to those taking ownership. All of our work will be open source and published online.

If you are a digital developer and/or creative looking for a greater cause or purpose in life, please join us!